Enhancing FrappeHR and ERPNext for Saudi Arabia

by | Jun 20, 2024

At Standard Touch, we’ve tailored FrappeHR and ERPNext specifically for the unique needs of businesses in Saudi Arabia. Our custom implementations include a comprehensive range of features designed to streamline HR and administrative tasks:

  1. Employee Self-Service (ESS) App: Our ESS app empowers employees by allowing them to track attendance, submit documents, and access salary data with ease. This self-service approach reduces administrative burden and increases employee engagement.

  2. Hijri Date Support: Accurately calculate Date of Birth (DOB) and age using the Hijri calendar system, ensuring compliance with local customs and practices. This feature is particularly useful for official documentation and age verification.

  3. Foreign Recruitment and Visa Processing: Simplify the complexities of foreign recruitment with features that manage medical examinations, visa approvals, and onboarding processes. This ensures a smooth and efficient hiring process for international employees.

  4. Vacation and Travel Management: Plan and manage yearly vacations with ease, including vacation salary calculations and yearly ticket issuance. This feature helps ensure employees take their entitled breaks without administrative hassles.

  5. Family Management: Handle family-related matters such as family status, visas, and school fees. This feature ensures that all dependent-related information is well-organized and accessible, making it easier to support employees’ family needs.

  6. End-of-Service Benefits: Our system accurately calculates end-of-service benefits in compliance with Saudi labor laws. This includes detailed calculations to ensure that departing employees receive their rightful compensation.

  7. Visa and Residency Permit (RP) Management: Streamline visa and RP processes with dedicated fields and workflows, ensuring all legal requirements are met and documentation is up-to-date.

  8. Driving License and Gate Pass Management: Keep track of essential documents such as driving licenses and gate passes, reducing the risk of expired documents and ensuring compliance with security protocols.

  9. Sponsorship Data Management: Maintain comprehensive records of sponsorship data, including details of sponsors and their responsibilities. This feature helps in managing the legal aspects of employee sponsorships effectively.

  10. Employee Insurance: Manage employee medical and insurance details efficiently, ensuring that all health-related benefits are properly administered and accessible to employees when needed.

  11. Salary Compliance: Ensure that salary calculations adhere to Saudi labor laws, including the 30-day month salary structure. This feature helps in maintaining fairness and transparency in payroll processing.

  12. GOSI Integration: Handle General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) contributions and related calculations seamlessly. This integration ensures that all social insurance obligations are met accurately.

  13. Employee Asset Management: Track and manage employee assets such as cars, laptops, and other company-provided items. This helps in keeping an accurate inventory and ensuring accountability for company assets.

Our enhancements ensure that your HR and administrative tasks are handled efficiently, keeping you compliant and focused on your core business activities. With these features, FrappeHR and ERPNext become powerful tools for managing the diverse and complex needs of businesses operating in Saudi Arabia.

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