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Welcome to StandardTouch, the leading ERPNext solution provider in Saudi Arabia. In other words, we champion advanced, user-friendly, and scalable ERP solutions, but our ERPNext also seamlessly supports e-Invoicing Phase II. We’re committed to empowering businesses in the Kingdom to thrive in the digital era.

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Fatoorah Meets ERPNext:

ZATCA e-Invoicing Phase I & Phase II Integrated!

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Why ERPNext in KSA?

Additionally, ERPNext is more than just an ERP system. It’s a comprehensive platform that streamlines your business processes, automates repetitive tasks, and enhances overall productivity.

Zero Licensing Cost

  • Own the code
  • Open Source under GPL v3

No Vendor Locking

Best Open Source ERP that is better than even paid ERPs

Support Both English & Arabic Languages

Offers full support for both interfaces

Unlimited Users

Unlimited user roles and mobile responsive for users on sites/projects

Here’s why businesses in Saudi Arabia are making the switch:

Customized for the Kingdom

Unlike generic ERPs, our ERPNext solutions are tailor-made for Saudi Arabia’s unique business requirements and cultural nuances.

Integrated Business Operations

Streamline your operations, from sales to inventory, all under one roof with ERPNext.

Cloud-based Advantage

Access your data securely from anywhere, any time. However, ERPNext Saudi Arabia is optimized for mobile and desktop, ensuring you’re always connected.

ERPNext Modules For Business Process Management

Human Resources Management (HRM)

Effective human resource management is critical for the success and growth of any organization. Specifically, ERPNext provides a dedicated HRM module for human resource – management that enables enterprises to centrally manage employee data, track attendance, manage payroll, and recruitment-related processes. In addition to saving time and cost, the HRM module ensures compliance with labor laws and regulations, fostering a positive work environment.


ERPNext in Saudi Arabia

Sales and CRM

Customer relationship management serves as the backbone of any successful business as it is conducive to maintaining long-term relationships with customers. It is, therefore, essential to have a fully integrated CRM software solution in place to deliver exceptional customer service across platforms. The sales and CRM module in ERPNext facilitates seamless lead tracking, lead nurturing, sales order processing, and more, in addition to managing the key CRM functions. By having a comprehensive view of customer interactions, sales teams can make informed decisions and form lasting customer relationships


ERPNext in Saudi arabia

Accounting & Finance

The Accounting module is one of the most important ERPNext modules that help streamline a host of financial processes and bookkeeping tasks. Besides, it automates journal entries and enables enterprises to efficiently manage account payables/receivables while also generating financial reports. Such as, With accurate and up-to-date financial data at their fingertips, businesses can easily make informed decisions while complying with the universal accounting standards


ERPNext in Saudi arabia

Manufacturing & Quality Management

The manufacturing module from ERPNext could be a game-changer for enterprises operating in the manufacturing sector. It automates a series of mundane tasks and enables efficient production planning, BOM (bill of materials) management, work order processing, and quality control.For manufacturing companies, ensuring product and service quality is of the utmost importance as it directly impacts their customer experience. The ERPNext’s quality management module enables businesses to define quality parameters, conduct inspections, and manage non-conformances. This proactive approach to quality control helps businesses identify issues early on and maintain high standards across all operations.



ERPNext in Saudi arabia

Project Management

The project management module could be beneficial for companies that simultaneously handle multiple projects and require efficient means for managing various project-related tasks. ERPNext offers a similar module that enables enterprises to efficiently plan their projects, allocate resources, manage budgets, and track project progress anytime. With real-time insights into project status, businesses can identify potential roadblocks and ensure successful project completion within deadlines.


Comprehensive, adaptable, and robust

Crafted for elegance and unmatched strength

All Your Business Metrics at a Glance with ERPNext KSA

Seamless Integration for Comprehensive Business Management

Empowering Teams, Simplifying Collaboration – Master User Management with ERPNext

Precision and Clarity at Every Step – Revolutionize Your Accounting with ERPNext

Streamlining Success, One Order at a Time – Optimize Order Management with ERPNext

ERPNext at your Fingerprint

Financial Accounting

Experience real-time insights into your financial trajectory. Comprehensive accounting tools that encompass all facets of financial record-keeping.

Order Management

Boost efficiency and reduce expenses by overseeing your entire sales and procurement journey, from initiating purchases to finalizing sales.


Efficiently handle and oversee multilayered bills of materials, production schedules, work orders, and stock levels.


Secure and nurture client relationships by refining the sales journey. Monitor prospects, potential deals, and dispatch quotations promptly.


Elevate your service quality with a user-friendly issue logging system and a consolidated knowledge repository.

Asset Management

Document and manage asset details, movements, valuation modifications, and periodic depreciation.

ERPNext Services in Saudi Arabia

Discover premier ERPNext services across key Saudi Arabian cities. Whether in Jeddah, Makkah, Madina, Riyadh, AL Khobar, Dammam, or Jubail, our specialized team delivers customized ERPNext solutions. Enhance your business processes with our ERPNext implementation, tailored to meet diverse operational needs. As a leading ERPNext Service Provider and Developer in KSA, we ensure seamless integration and efficient management for your enterprise. Optimize your business with our expert ERPNext Consulting, and elevate your digital infrastructure across Saudi Arabia. Embrace innovation with our ERPNext in Saudi Arabia services for unparalleled business growth.

Our Customers

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Proudly ZATCA-approved in Saudi Arabia, our software champions    e-Invoicing Phase I & II seamlessly!

erpnext, erpenext saudi arabia, erpnext in saudi arabia, erpnext in KSA, eprnext KSA, www.standardtouch.com, einvoice, invoice
erpnext, erpenext saudi arabia, erpnext in saudi arabia, erpnext in KSA, eprnext KSA, www.standardtouch.com, einvoice, invoice

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I implement ERPNext?

Implementing ERPNext is a breeze with the right guidance. While ERPNext is user-friendly, partnering with certified experts ensures it aligns perfectly with your business needs. Frappe’s Partner Ecosystem boasts seasoned professionals ready to tailor ERPNext to your specific industry demands. Simplify your journey by collaborating with our trusted partners.

Need self-hosting for ERPNext? Here's a quick breakdown:

ERPNext is free and open-source. For tech-savvy individuals or smaller scales, self-hosting might be a good fit. But for businesses, consider the cloud. Self-hosting starts at about $40/month for a VPS, with added costs for email, security, and backups. Plus, there’s the time you’ll invest in setup, maintenance, and updates.

Is ERPNext in Arabic language?

Indeed, ERPNext is available in Arabic, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

What industries is ERPNext suitable for?

ERPNext is versatile and caters to a range of industries including manufacturing, retail, services, healthcare, education, and more.

Is ERPNext mobile-friendly?

Absolutely! ERPNext has a responsive design, ensuring a seamless experience across devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Do I need any special hardware to run ERPNext?

No, ERPNext is cloud-based and doesn’t require any special hardware. If self-hosting, standard server specifications apply.

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erpnext, erpenext saudi arabia, erpnext in saudi arabia, erpnext in KSA, eprnext KSA, www.standardtouch.com, einvoice, invoice