Facilitating Saudi Aramco Certification

Saudi Aramco Cyber Security

We specialize in facilitating the acquisition of Saudi Aramco certification, providing expert guidance and support throughout the process to ensure your success.

“We manage every step, ensuring your Aramco certification meet the necessary requirements specified by third party “

G-suite Email

We offer necessary G-Suite emails, a crucial requirement for obtaining the Cyber Security Aramco certificate seamlessly from third parties.

2-Step Authentication

We offer essential two-step verification services for your emails, aiding in obtaining your Cyber Security Aramco Certificate.

Maintain DNS records

We manage essential DNS records, providing the necessary proof for getting Cyber Security Aramco certification from third party.

MX lookup 

We facilitate Cyber Security Aramco Certification from third party by offering essential MX Lookup for seamless record verification


We furnish the necessary documentation to assist you in obtaining Cyber Security Aramco Certification from third party

We help in compliance of all cybersecurity controls in getting certification as specified by Saudi Aramco. For more info Contact Us

Download SACS-002
Third Party Cybersecurity Standard