Woocommerce Zatca e-invoice with QR-Code


Woocommerce Zatca e-invoice with QR-Code is the Official Plugin of StandardTouch Team that Implements QRCode in Woocommerce Invoice emails according to Zatca Specifications

At a glance, this plugin adds the following:

  1. Business Owners can add their business name and TRN number
  2. Make Woocommerce Email invoice a Zatca Simplified e-invoice as specified in the Zatca guidlines
  3. Implement QRCode Data in Valid TLV format with base64 encoding as specified by ZATCA specifications
  4. Access QRCode data without the need of internet

How to Use:

  1. First, Woocommerce is necessary for this plugin as it’s entirely dependent on Wocoomerce
  2. Next, install and activate Sequential Order Numbers for WooCommerce plugin as ZATCA has directed business owners to keep invoice ids in a serial format and Sequential Plugin is best for it. The Zatca plugin will not work without it and an error will be displayed.
  3. Upload Zatca e-invoice Plugin to your site and activate
  4. To go to plugin settings page Click on settings on the plugin or Click on Zatca Plugin displayed on the sidebar
  5. Enter the Business Name and TRN number to display them in the Zatca QRCode
  6. that’s it you will be able to see QRCode in woocommerce emails after the order table


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