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Website PDPL Compliance: Essential Checklist


Ensure user consent for cookies/tracking aligns with PDPL, Saudi Arabia.


Maintain an accurate, current privacy policy for PDPL compliance.


Collect data strictly for legitimate purposes under Saudi Arabia's PDPL.


Record all data processing activities as per PDPL requirements.


Report data breaches promptly to authorities, adhering to Saudi Arabia's PDPL.

Ensure PDPL Compliance Seamlessly with StandardTouch's Expertise


Showcase a Custom Cookie Consent Banner

The PDPL mandates that businesses, including those collecting data through cookies, obtain user consent, barring a few exceptions.

With StandardTouch, you can:

  • Scan your website against a database of over 100,000 cookies.
  • Display a StandardTouch banner enabling users to give opt-in consent.
  • Offer a consent revisit widget allowing users to retract their consent.

Create PDPL-Compliant Privacy Policies

The PDPL mandates that businesses have a clear privacy policy detailing the collection, purpose, and user rights regarding personal data.

Our legal policy generators allow you to:

  • Utilise ready-made, legally compliant policy templates.
  • Quickly generate both privacy and cookie policies.
  • Easily integrate these legal policies into your website with a simple copy-paste.

Streamline Consent Management Automatically

Under PDPL, consent is crucial for data processing, including its acquisition, revocation, and documentation of processing activities.

With StandardTouch, you can:

  • Automatically block third-party marketing cookies until user consent is obtained.
  • Set up regular scans of cookies to ensure ongoing compliance.
  • Maintain logs of user consent for compliance and audit purposes.

Ensure Global and Saudi Arabia PDPL Compliance with Privacy Regulations

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Learn & Begin Your Journey Towards PDPL Compliance in Saudi Arabia

What is PDPL?

The Personal Data Protection Law (PDPL) in Saudi Arabia, effective March 17, 2023, governs the processing of personal data to ensure PDPL compliance and protect individual rights.

What are user rights in PDPL?
  • Right to be informed
  • Right to access
  • Right to correct
  • Right to delete
Who does PDPL apply to?

PDPL applies to entities processing Saudi residents’ personal data, including those outside Saudi Arabia, excluding personal/family use data processing.

What is the penalty for non-compliance?

Sensitive data disclosure risks up to 2 years jail, SAR 3M fine. Data transfer violations could lead to 1 year jail, SAR 1M fine. Other breaches may incur up to SAR 5M fines, doubled for repeats.

Essential Guide to PDPL Compliance FAQs

Does Saudi Arabia Have a Data Protection Law?

Yes, Saudi Arabia enacted its inaugural Personal Data Protection Law (PDPL) on September 24, 2021, establishing a framework for PDPL compliance and the protection of resident data privacy.

Is Saudi Arabia's PDPL Currently Effective?

Yes, Saudi Arabia’s PDPL was officially enacted on September 24, 2021, and became fully enforceable on March 17, 2023, allowing businesses a one-year grace period for compliance.

What Defines Personal Data Under PDPL?

PDPL categorizes personal data as any information that can specifically identify an individual, including names, contact details, and identification numbers. It exempts data used for personal or household activities. The law extends protections to deceased individuals’ data that could identify them or their relatives. Additionally, PDPL identifies sensitive personal data related to an individual’s ethnic, religious beliefs, political opinions, association memberships, criminal records, biometric and genetic data, credit and health status, location data, and family background.

Can PDPL Permit Data Transfer Outside Saudi Arabia?

Yes, PDPL allows transferring personal data outside Saudi Arabia under specific conditions, emphasizing adequacy where the receiving country must ensure proper data protection and individual rights. Additionally, data can be transferred internationally if it fulfills the data subject’s contractual obligations.

Who Oversees PDPL Regulation?

The Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA) initially governs PDPL implementation for the first two years. Subsequently, the National Data Management Office (NDMO) will assume the role of supervisory authority, guiding organizations on compliance and consumer rights.

Is GDPR Applicable in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is not directly bound by the GDPR, which safeguards the data privacy of EU and EEA residents. However, Saudi businesses dealing with the personal data of EU residents for transactions or behaviour monitoring must comply with GDPR regulations.

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